Go game 3D view – FAQ

Q: Who are you?
A: I'm an amateur Go player, and also I'm a developer, so I wrote a program which can help me to visualize a Go game in a virtual 3D environment. I wrote it for myself, but I also can use it for you.

Q: How can I send you my game?
A: I need an .SGF file. This is Smart Game Format, it was developed in 1987 especially for storing Go games and every application and every Go server has a possibility to save your game in this format. If your game is analog (you just played on a real board), you can replay it on any application of your choice (or any Go server, also) and then save it. In order to send it to me you can use a form on order page, or just use an email, it's suitable too.

Q: Is there any restrictions for a game file?
A: I can process games on any square board, size from 3 by 3 up to 25 by 25. Also the game should not contain any variations of a game, because only first branch is processed. Usually game contains only one variation, but this restriction exists, yes.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Not much, really. Only $1.95 per game is a base price. And you can select the type of animation for stones, type of a viewpoint movement and a video resolution (up to 1280x720, 30 fps). If you want more customization or higher resolution or fps, price will be a little higher, because this will take more of my time.

Q: How can I pay you?
A: You can use Paypal or Webmoney, which is specified on donation page. When you make an order – please, specify, how you will pay, specify you requisites (email for PayPal or WMID for WebMoney), when I get your request – I will send you invoice. After the payment of my invoice I will make a video for you.

Q: How will you send me video, it is a very big file?
A: Yes, sure, it is. Depends on your game, resolution and FPS, it could size from 100MB up to 1GB and even more. So I cannot send it via E-mail, it will not fit. But don't worry, there are many services in Internet, which allow to transfer such files from one person to another. Cloud services, for example (like Google Drive), or many other services. I upload video onto that service and send you a link to this video, so you can download it. If you have any preferences – tell me about it in "Additional information" field of an order form.

Q: Can I trust you?
A: Yes, you can, but I don't know, how I can convince you. If you have so much worrying – you can order it via my page on a freelance marketplace kwork.ru – here it is. It garantees your safety, but there is a minimal price restriction ($10) and also I have to pay a fee there, so the price is higher.

Q: I want to make videos for 10 my games (20, 50, 100). I have to make 10 (20, 50, 100) orders? Is there any discount?
A: Not necessary. Just email me all game files in one message, and write desired parameters also. About discounts – ask me by email, I think, we will reach an agreement.

Q: Why your site is so poor?
A: I'm not a designer, only amateur Go player and developer. I can make site like this and I think, this is enough for my purpose, thank you for your patience :)

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